Satellite Buses

Spacecraft development projects and practical space science

A space mission is a serious engineering challenge even for professionals. Thanks to modern-day microsatellite buses, exit into space is made easier within the framework of commercial, college, and even high school projects.

A satellite bus – is an engineering kit for assembling spacecrafts of a specific format. It includes all basic subsystems apart from the payload which is designed or purchased separately by the client.

We offer buses of CubeSat (nanosatellites fitting into one or several units with dimensions of 10x10x10 cm and weighing up to 1,33 kg per unit) and TabletSat type (microsatellites weighing up to a few tens of kilograms).

On August 15, 2018, for the first time in Russia, two spacecrafts were launched into orbit that were based on Orbicraft.PRO satellite bus and assembled with participation of high school students. The spacecrafts have not only successfully entered standard operating mode but also significantly exceeded the regular operation term.


Training versions

  • Permit to master working with real space technologies
  • Are identical to flight versions but allow for repeated use during the training process

Flight versions

  • A tested technology that permits to control the schedule and risks of a space mission
  • Cut development costs
  • Include preflight laboratory testing

Ready-made solutions

  • Turn-key commercial satellites
  • Order or joint development of separate subsystems
  • Order or joint development of payload

Manufacturers: Sputnix (Orbicraft.PRO and Avrora buses), Korolev Samara State University (SamSat bus)

Laboratory equipment and preflight preparation

You can order running preflight tests or equip your own laboratory.

Basic spacecraft testing

  • Functional testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Vacuum testing
  • Computational simulation of missions

External environment simulation

  • Test bench for spatial simulation of magnetic field
  • Sunlight simulators
  • Starry sky simulator
  • Simulator of signals from global satellite navigation systems

Actuation devices testing

  • Aerodynamic air bearing for CubeSat and TabletSat type satellites
  • Test bench for mutual movement of spacecrafts in two dimensions ("The Aerotable")
  • Independent measurement system

Manufacturers of laboratory equipment:
Sputnix, Korolev Samara State University, Obrazovanie buduschego, Spectralaser Systems.

All buses have a history of successful use.
Save your time and resources.

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