Earth from Space

Interdisciplinary laboratory of modern geoinformatics

Experience in working with space data is a significant part of space industry that is now available to everyone. Here, introduction to the basics and study projects can lead to solving pressing issues in ecology and economics.

Analyzing space images

  • Available on a tight budget
  • An easy step towards solving real-life problems
  • A practice that requires applying your knowledge of informatics, geography, and biology

Training data receiving stations

  • Working with real data from satellites passing over the training location
  • Live experience of working on practical problems of radio technology, including assembling, adjustment, and exploitation of a station and data receipt procedures

Professional data receiving stations

  • Working with up-to-date high-resolution data
  • Practical tasks of business intelligence
  • Business application
Using satellite monitoring projects, Russian regions gain hundreds of millions of rubles for their budgets. Ask us how they do it.


We develop projects of lab implementation together with manufacturers, customizing them for the client.

Prompt receiving and processing of space data is a practice of the future that is accessible today.

We are happy to answer your questions about equipment supply, course implementation, and training your staff: