• Satellite Construction Set
  • The new generation
    of space science for high schools
  • From single education kits to fully equipped school space labs
IntroSat – a construction set for practical educational classes on space engineeering and design for high school students (14-18 y.o.) in a groups of 3-4 people.



Easy access

  • Affordable like never before
  • Comes with a set of printed teaching aids: theoretical basics and hands-on courses with a lesson plan

Construction set format

  • Can be fully disassembled and used multiple times
  • Can be mastered by a novice teacher
  • Can be adapted for technology classes

Open architecture

  • A handy base for individual school-level projects with a possibility of arbitrary extensibility with Arduino componential base.
  • Can be used to complement or substitute for courses in robotics
  • High maintainability

Educative effect

  • Ready-made space science course for a kruzhok or technology park
  • DIY-architecture and complex result-oriented tasks
  • Practical application of a wide spectrum of topics in physics and informatics, effective knowledge acquiring

IntroSat is developed and produced in Russia.

Wide range of sets for laboratory equipment

Detailed handbooks for teachers

  • Theory basics
  • Classes curriculum
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Coding examples
  • Methodological support

Application in space education

Laboratory equipment based on IntroSat

Sets per class or lab

Additional equipment and storage containers

Courses for teachers

Special offers for large customers and integrators

From single education kits to fully equipped school space labs

Pricelist (RUS)

We are happy to answer your questions about purchasing the course, equipping your premises and training your teachers:

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